March Newsletter

March Newsletter

March 1st- Monthly Installment of tuition

March 2nd- Tuition Late, 20.00 Late fee. Fusion Dance Co performs at Evening Extraordinaire at Innisbrook, Inverness Hall 7:00

March 3rd- Dance Team rehearsal – including minis at 4:15

March 8th- Commercial shoot 5 – 7 pm

March 10th- Dance Team rehearsal – including minis at 4:15

March 11th Pulse competes at IDC Starz Center

March 11th – 10:00 am Opening Number rehearsal for Performance Team, Competition Team and Ballet Co

March 13th -17th- Fusion Dance Co Closed for Spring Break

March 24th – Dance Team rehearsal – including minis at 4:15

March 25th – Fusion Dance Company’s Pulse Performers Perform in the Pride Parade and in opening ceremonies in Tampa and will appear on the PULSE float – join us beginning at noon at Centro Ybor for our performance and the parade begins at 1 p.m. down 7th avenue.

March 31st – Dance Team rehearsal – including minis at 4:15

Happy Spring! Warmer weather is upon us, spring break is coming soon, and everyone is yearning to be outside at the beaches and enjoying this beautiful month in Florida. Fusion Dance Company has a lot going on this month.

Happy Birthday to:

Danielle Digiammo 3/6

Helen Housh 3/6

Diana Derylo 3/10

Riley Sanders 3/10

Sierra Beal 3/10

Jillian Fast 3/13

Danielle Carvella 3/19

Alana Rojas 3/21

Yara Hofer 3/24

Chloe Edwards 3/29

Mackenzie Schroeder 3/29

Olivia Warner 3/30

March 2nd- Miss Diana will be taking some of our Comp team dancers to perform at Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce’s fundraiser Evening Extraordinaire at Innisbrook/Inverness Room, and will be teaching a Swing class.

Our Dance Team Competed at Dance America/ Dance Olympus in Tampa last month. We had a great time and the kids did amazing. Find the results on our Fusion Facebook Page. Since our Tribute to Pulse dance won an Overall High Score and Judges Choice Choreography Award at our first competition, we have been asked to make several special appearances, and have been asked by some competitions that heard about us to bring the Pulse tribute dance to their competitions to get recognized for this wonderful piece that was choreographed by Mr. Jay. Go Team!!!!

On Weds, March 8th – we will be shooting a commercial to promote our studio. Please help us make this a fabulous video by making sure your child is dressed in a leotard and tights with their hair in a good bun if they have classes on Wednesday from 5 – 7:30 (please do not ask staff members to do your child’s hair as we need to be instructing the kids what to do so things can run in an orderly fashion). The video crew may want to interview parents so be ready moms and dads. We need release forms signed at the desk for your students if they are there during the recording hours. We are so excited about this opportunity and we hope you will help us represent our studio in the utmost professional way possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and preparedness.

Parents, we are asking that for every class you start getting used to sending your child to dance in a bun. It interrupts class time for the teacher to stop and have to put children’s hair up. This is going to have to be done for recital, so why not start practicing now. The only exception is for tumble and hip hop, however if your child has Ballet on that day they must have a bun. These are rules that are for your dancer’s safety as well. When they are turning, their hair can scratch their eyes and/or cause squinting, and unnecessary head movements that interfere with placement for their turns. Also, we are preparing and getting closer to recital so beginning this month, the kids need to have the proper dance shoes for all of their classes. Socks are prohibited from dancing on the wood floors because they create a safety issue for the dancers. Proper dance shoes have suede or leather soles engineered to grip the dance floor so the dancer does not slip or fall. Please help me to keep our kids safe!

Shoes and tights, and recital packets were attached to last month’s newsletter. It is also posted to our website. Please take a moment to read them so you will be informed about everything that is happening with recital and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We will be calling the studios, 5-6-7-8 and Bunhead Blvd. to make it easier to know which room your student is in. Studio 5 will be the furthest one from the lobby, then Studio 6, Bunhead Blvd is the ballet room, Studio 7 is the large room in the front by the lobby and Studio 8 is the room behind the large room. Signs are being made and will be here soon. In addition, we have renovated the observation area behind Studio 5 and 6 with a few high top tables for sitting, fresh paint, and cubbies. Please help us keep the tables cleaned up after eating, and put everything in the trash when finished. Please remember if you are eating that someone will be sitting there after you. We are alsoo asking that you go through the lost and found box as we will be donating Items this Friday that are left over. It’s a shame that such nice clothing has not been claimed and will be given away if not picked up. Tthere are lots of jackets, street shoes, etc. being left behind. We have added more seating in the lobby and are working on more. We will be able to have more current pics of the kids to display around the studio after we have picture week. Please help us keep our beautiful new studio looking clean and beautiful. For everyone’s safety, please put all dance bags, shoes, and dancer items in the cubbies that we have provided and not on the lobby floor. We don’t want anyone to trip and fall. We appreciate your help with this.

We will be closed for Pinellas County Spring Break March 13th-17th and we hope everyone gets a much needed break. After we come back from break, recital will be here before we know it so please come to class so your children are not left out of choreography. The Summer Schedule is almost ready so be on the lookout for evening classes, camps, intensives and workshops so you will be able to have first dibs on the ones you want. We have some new classes for you this summer – like acting, improve, and yes, aerial arts classes. You asked for them and we are providing them because we want you to be happy and keep on loving us!

On Saturday March 25th, – the girls will be performing their PULSE Tribute at the Tampa Pride Parade, dancing in the opening ceremonies (at noon), appearing on the Pulse Float and Dancing in the parade (1 pme. We are so proud of the girls and Mr. Jay for their hard work and dedication to remembering all the people who suffered in the Pulse Tragedy. We are so happy they could spread some joy and love in this manner and possibly help with the healing of the families and friends affected by this. Happy Spring – we hope you find a Leprechaun!!!!

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